10th QUEER-Streifen from Oct 21 to 27 2021

  • Jury award: BEFORE THE ERUPTION by Roberto Pérez Toledo
  • Audience award short film queer: BEFORE THE ERUPTION by Roberto Pérez Toledo
  • Audience award short film lesbian: FAKE by Lou-Brice Léonard
  • Audience award short film gay: FABIU by Stefan Langthaler
  • Audience award feature film: GROSSE FREIHEIT by Sebastian Meise

Shown feature films:

Title Country Year Directed by
KAPANA Namibia 2020 Philippe Talavera
LOVE, SPELLS AND ALL THAT Turkey 2019 Ümit Ünal
GROSSE FREIHEIT Austria/Germany 2021 Sebastian Meise
RURANGI New Zealand 2020 Max Currie
HOLA YUMBO Netherlands 2020 Tim Dekkers
NICO Germany 2021 Eline Gehring
GENDERATION Germany 2021 Monika Treut
ELLIE & ABBIE Australia 2020 Monica Zanetti
ARE WE LOST FOREVER Sweden 2020 David Färdmar
MORGANA Australia 2019 Isabel Peppard, Josie Hess
FORGOTTEN ROADS Chile 2020 Nicol Ruiz Benavides

Shown short films:


TitleContryYearDirected by
A POUND OF FLESHGreat Britain2020Oliwia Siem
LOVE IS IN THE AIRGermany2020Jan Wollenschläger, Daniel Theobald
BE A MAN!Hungary2020Frida Meichl
GYNO1DGreat Britain2021Michelle Fisher
LET’S GET ECOSEXY!Spain2021Graham Bell Tornado
BEFORE THE ERUPTIONSpain2020Roberto Pérez Toledo
THE LAST ROMANTICS OF THE WORLDBrasilien2020Henrique Arruda
PASCALGermany2021Anna Levinson
THE WASHING MACHINESpain2020Diane Malherbe
ARE YOU STILL WATCHING?Australia2020Alex Cardy, Tali Polichtuk, Kitty Chrystal


Title Country Year Directed by
ROADKILL USA 2020 Aliza Brugger
FAKE France 2020 Lou-Brice Léonard
ALL THE COLOURS Australia 2020 Pippa Samaya, Tara Jade Samaya
HYSTERIA Germany 2021 Charlot van Heeswijk
MISSISSIPPI Germany 2020 Anna-Katharina Schröder
DO I KNOW YOU? Ireland 2021 Rioghnach Ni Ghrioghair
RIOT5 Denmark 2021 Violeta Fellay


TitleCountryYearDirected by
SUNDAYIndia2020Arun Fulara
FABIUAustria2020Stefan Langthaler
NOT ANYMOREArgentinia2021Juan Ignacio Piasentini, Omar Torrico Real
COMPLICATEDIsrael2020Isak Kohaly
THE NIGHT TRAINSweden2020Jerry Carlsson
FLOHPLAGEGermany2019Christoph Hans, Markus Ott

Interview for the 10th anniversary

The full interview with former and active members of the organizing team (in German) can be found here.