Feature films 2022

Thursday 20 Oct | 8:00 PM

So Damn Easy Going (Så jävla easy going)
Sweden/Norway 2022 | 91 min | Original with German subtitles | Director: Christoffer Sandler

The only way for 18-year-old Joana to bring order to all the perceptions that assail her is to take ADHD medication or swim laps in the pool. But what can she do when the medication runs out, there’s no money, and her father sits depressed in front of the TV? While Joana searches as desperately as creatively for solutions, she meets Audrey – and to the fireworks in her head is added a heart that threatens to explode. Based on the critically acclaimed young adult novel by Swedish author Jenny Jägerfeld, So Damn Easy Going is a touching and engaging coming-of-age drama about love and the courage to be yourself.

So Damn Easy Going has won the QueerScope-Debütfilmpreis 2022!

Friday Oct 21 | 5:30 PM

Mexico/Spain 2021 | 97 min | Original with English subtitles | Director: Horacio Alcala

Oaxaca, in the south of Mexico. A small group of muxes, who define themselves as third gender, have created a refuge in a close-knit community. There, the experiences, dreams and desires of the elderly Delirio and thirty-year-old Amaranta are drawn in colorful patterns and woven into colorful fabrics. A creative world all their own that catches the attention of a Spanish designer. The young employee Marta is assigned to be inspired there for her own collection, that is, to steal their patterns. Marta accepts the task – and loses herself in people and stories. Letters from a mysterious lover from Finland and young Mariano’s journey to himself accompany this fascinating and touching drama about very special characters.

Finlandia is shown in cooperation with the cinEScultura film festival.

Friday Oct 21 | 8:00 PM

Mascarpone (Maschile singolare)
Italy 2021 | Oct min | Original with German subtitles | Director: Alessandro Guida und Matteo Pilati

Antonio is in the middle of life, but when his marriage to Lorenzo breaks up, it pulls the rug out from under the young architect: he has no place to live, no job, and no relationship. When Antonio gets a room in the apartment of the unconventional Denis, his life changes. He finds a job in the bakery of the handsome Luca and decides to train as a pastry chef. From then on, Antonio wants to focus on himself. But then he meets the charming Milanese Thomas, who makes focusing quite difficult. And to make everything even more complicated: Luca and Denis also have their eyes on the somewhat disoriented single.

Saturday Oct 22 | 2:00 PM

The Phantom of the Sauna (El Fantasma de la Sauna)
Spain 2021 | 92 min | Original with German subtitles | Director: Luis Navarrete

“A universal love story between two misunderstood people in an unexpected setting that will make the spectators dream again” is how Spanish director Luis Navarrete describes his musical tragicomedy with a bittersweet ending and many literary and cinematic references. The LGBTQ musical, inspired by “Moulin Rouge” and “Beauty and the Beast,” centers on young, attractive Javi’s search for love and happiness. At the Gay club called Sauna Popular, he is looking for a job. His dream, however, is to become a famous singer. He soon discovers that the club is a place full of secrets, the biggest of which is a mysterious man who lives in the air vents: the Phantom of the Sauna.

Saturday Oct 22 | 8:00 PM

Wet Sand
Georgia/Switzerland 2021 | 115 min | Original with German subtitles | Director: Elene Naveriani

The village on the Black Sea coast where Moe’s grandfather Eliko committed suicide seems unremarkable. But as she spends more time there, she discovers that not everyone liked him. The villagers are curious about her, and her androgynous appearance clearly marks her as an outsider. Even as she feels increasingly welcome, Moe can’t shake a deep unease. She feels she must find out more about her grandfather’s past and is helped by Amnon, owner of the Wet Sand bar, and his employee Fleshka. Wet Sand is an atmospheric and moving story – beautifully shot, with an outstanding cast and with a subtle and moving script.

Wet Sands is shown in cooperation with Transit Filmfest.

Sunday Oct 23 | 2:00 PM

Mutter, Mutter, Kind (Mother, Mother, Child)
Germany 2021 | 97 min | Original with English subtitles | Director: Annette Ernst

In 2009, a newspaper ad appears: Pedi and Anny are looking for a sperm donor. A family story begins, at the beginning of which is a great desire to have children. At a time when the family image consists of mother, father and child(ren) and society reacts with great rejection to anything else, Pedi’s and Anny’s dream with Eike finally comes true, they have three sons. Years later, a girl suddenly appears who wants to meet her brothers. Old and new family secrets are revealed and the normal madness between changing diapers and playing soccer takes its course.
[ jip Film & Verleih]

The director will be present at the screening.

Sunday Oct 23 | 5:30 PM

Girls Girls Girls
Finnland 2022 | Oct min | Original with German subtitles | Director: Alli Haapasalo

High school friends Rönkkö and Mimmi are hungry for life and love. Both of them like to cause trouble in their unconventional way – while Mimmi sometimes slips her field hockey stick, Rönkkö unsettles others with her idiosyncratic humor. They pass the time in their part-time job in a smoothie bar devotedly with gossip and trash. When the ambitious figure skater Emma enters Mimmi’s life, at first everything seems bathed in pink light. Gradually, however, the first great love is caught up with the couple’s own issues. Rönkkö, on the other hand, in his search for satisfaction and love, mainly finds more or less good sex. And after the film, you’ll never be able to drink from Moomin cups again without a second thought – fortunately, they’re more popular in Finland than here.

Girls Girls Girls has won the World Cinema Dramatic Audience Award at Sundance!

Sunday Oct 23 | 8:00 PM

Potato Dreams of America
USA 2021 | 96 min | Original with German subtitles | Director: Wes Hurley

Early on, little Potato realizes that he is different. He doesn’t like naked women in magazines at all, and the communist system of his home country Vladivostok is not his cup of tea either. Because the single mother Lena, with her morally difficult job as a gulag doctor, also sees no future in the country, a decision is made: off to the USA, the land of unimagined possibilities! But even there, many things are not as they seem.
With a lot of love for the production and even more love for his characters, director Wes Hurley, who himself emigrated from Russia to the USA at the age of 16, tells of dreams, hopes and the desire for self-realization. In this sometimes thoughtful, sometimes cynical, but always highly entertaining film, even the Mother of God herself gets to belt out a few lines!

Monday Oct 24 | 8:00 PM

Dawn, Her Dad and the Tractor
Canada 2021 | 90 min | OF | Director: Shelley Thompson

Pre-film: Pearls
Canada 2017 | 9 min | OF | Director: Shelley Thompson

Dawn, a young trans woman with a striking resemblance to her mother, comes home for her mother’s funeral. For the first time since her transition, her father, sister and their friend meet. A stressful situation ensues for all involved. Dawn hopes to repair the estrangement with her father. An ancient tractor sparks the tech-savvy Dawn’s ambition and becomes emblematic of their relationship. Her father’s long-simmering resentment, however, makes reconciliation seem unattainable. Will the father manage to publicly support his daughter and combat vicious small-town transphobia?

The short film “Pearls” won the Jury Prize in 2018 and shows the back story.

Tuesday Oct 25 | 8:00 PM

Cop Secret
Iceland 2021 | Oct min | Original with German subtitles | Director: Hannes Þór Halldórsson

The air literally billows with testosterone when Reykjavík’s supercop Bússi enters the room. He doesn’t care about the rules, is chronically drunk, and is not exactly a master of polished communication. When a series of mysterious bank robberies baffles the police, he’s forced to team up with his smart rival Hörður. But as luck would have it, the two make an excellent team. And not just when it comes to fighting the bad guys (and girls) …
What filmmaker Hannes Þór Halldórsson delivers with his thoroughly ironic action fun can’t be credited highly enough to the director’s debut. Not because he proves to be a great connoisseur of 80s Hollywood cinema, but because he is actually the goalkeeper of the Icelandic national soccer team. It’s nice that Cop Secret 2021 was the most successful film in Iceland.

Wednesday Oct 26 | 5:30 PM

Anima – Die Kleider meines Vaters (Anima – My Father’s Clothes)
Germany 2022 | 94 min | Original with English subtitles | Director: Uli Decker

Max Ophüls Prize: Best Documentary Film
Max Ophüls Prize: Audience Award Documentary Film
Jury Statement: In a cinematic firework of image, sound and music, a virtuoso Mondaye combines contemporary archive footage, photos, private recordings, interviews and a remarkable animation that always adds another layer with imagination and humor. Thus, in the story of a family emerges at the same time that of a society. The personal tragedy of a man and his daughter, who are in danger of breaking down due to role models and social norms, goes far beyond gender issues. It also tells the story of liberation and emancipation with lightness and love. A universal tale from the Bavarian province and protagonists to whom we pay tribute for their courage.