Jury Statement


Jury: Chrissy Grundl, Frances Hill und Ralph Kinkel.

Honourable Mention: MALL

Director: Jerry Hoffmann

Germany 2019, 7 Min.

Jerry Hoffmann counters hypermasculine role models in his sensitive supermarket fairy tale with a glittering symbol of freedom: a little boy (with a big display sword – wonderfully cast!) decides he wants the mermaid and not the monster truck in the toy department.

Instead of the expected problematization, we experience an inspiring surprise that breaks up dusty gender clichés, a father who unexpectedly shows his compassionate side and makes it clear to even the last Rambo that the world is not just pink or light blue.

An impressive film, which tells an emotional story without any dialogue.

Honourable Mention: TOUCHING AN ELEPHANT

Director: Lara Milena Brose

Germany 2019, 14 Min.

Lara Milena Brose’s documentary short film combines the categories race and class with discourses on sexual orientation and social power relations. How does a person prove their sexuality? How can they document a situation when they have to flee because of their sexuality?

The perfidious logic of German asylum procedures to judge life realities according to their “authenticity” finds its formal aesthetic counterpart in the spherical-cold black-and-white pictures. In contrast, there is the immediate presence of the protagonist, genuine empathy, genuine connectedness.

TOUCHING AN ELEPHANT is a relevant political statement that leaves a lasting impression.

Jury Prize 2020: REVOLVO

Director: Francy Fabritz

Germany 2019, 8 Min.

Two women in their prime are driving. This at first sight innocent, even banal activity takes a surprising, action-packed turn.

In just eight minutes, Francy Fabritz tells a multi-layered, exciting and empowering road movie with a great deal of humor, she skilfully plays with the expectations of the audience and draws her two adventurous main characters so concisely and carefully that many a rushed feature film could learn a thing or two.

REVOLVO breaks with stereotypes of women over 50 and declares war on the current backlash of right-wing conservative forces – with a lot of wit and a lot of horsepower under the hood.