Gay short film programme

Thursday Oct 20 | 5:30 PM + Monday Oct 24 | 5:30 PM

Total duration: est. 91 min. | partly English original versions, partly English subtitles

The Howling
Poland 2021 | 30:00 min | Director: Bartosz Brzeziński

Again, Kuba couldn’t bring himself to give the coup de grace to a sheep injured by wolves. But when Oskar appears on the scene, he can stand his ground in another way.

Two-Headed Calves
Germany 2022 | 29:00 min | Director: Benjamin Kramme

On John and Marie’s wedding day, a downpour isn’t the biggest problem. The tense celebration at the evangelical church hall doesn’t go quite as planned …

Germany 2021 | 7:59 min | Directors: Lukas März and Kilian Bohnensack

When the love of your life delivers you food and you forget to ask him for his number, a chase begins that requires perseverance, appetite and fancy ideas.

NEUZEIT (Boom and Bloom)
Austria 2022 | 24:00 min | Director: Stefan Langthaler

Sweeping up the pieces of a failed relationship with a talkative but not exactly sensitive father on an Alpine hike? A tightrope act at dizzy heights!